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1942 Pacific Front is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

By March 23, 2015December 14th, 2018No Comments

The 1941 Frozen Front sequel everyone has been waiting for!

After the great success of 1942 Pacific Front on Google Play with over 680,000 Downloads, our new top Strategy Game is now finally available on the Apple App Store on iTunes! The sequel of 1941 Frozen Front takes the World War 2 action to the Pacific Islands as the Japanese and the Americans fight for each square centimeter of battleground. With even better graphics performance, new units and brand-new challenging missions for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Your goal is to destroy enemy targets dispersed throughout the various challenging campaigns, using a wide range of infantry, heavy artillery, tanks, warplanes, battleships and submarines. Yes, you read that correctly: in addition to the classic combat units, which fans of 1941 Frozen Front will already know, 1942 Pacific Front is bringing battleships and submarines to the battlefield for the very first time!

Features of 1942 Pacific Front

Turn-based strategy action set in WW2
Thrilling campaigns and challenging missions
Historical U.S. and Japanese units
Infantry, artillery, tanks, warplanes, battleships and submarines for both fractions
Repairs, camouflage and fortification of units during the battles
Hex grid for the best overview possible
Hot-hand multiplayer battles
Detailed graphics and super-realistic sounds
Full tablet support
Supports Google Play game services

Discover the deep strategic gameplay


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WW2 Strategy Action for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Join the navy and fight to win the battle of your life! Enjoy the rich historical details of the game, the detailed graphics and the tried and trusted combat settings from our all-time strategy hit 1941 Frozen Front. But watch out: 1942 Pacific Front is much more than just a simple, turn-based tactical combat game – it requires careful planning and forethought to emerge victorious. Take command and play the hottest candidate for the Top 10 Best iOS Strategy Game Releases in 2015! Download 1942 Pacific Front and enjoy tactical WW2 Action on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!